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TOKOZ a.s. Žďár nad Sázavou


TOKOZ is a Czech engineering company established just in 1920. Its beginnings are connected with production of small metal items and first types of padlocks.

In 1998, the company was privatised and re-organised. There has been abandoned the non-efficient production and sales of fishing trolls and rods, providing popularity to TOKOZ even abroad.
Today, TOKOZ is a joint stock company (with Mr. Vladimír Chládek being a majority shareholder) with stable background and main orientation at making the best of many years of experience in .
The production of the TOKOZ a.s. company can be divided into two directions. One of them is the manufacture of brand products continuing the traditional production. In the filed of so called brand products the company started to strategically aim at production of additional security and lockable mechanisms like padlocks, latches, lockable bars and window security elements. The offer still contains selected elements of furniture fittings and building hardware including specific accessories for window fittings for tilt opening.
The other business line includes made-to-order production of components and product sets for supranational engineering companies including automotive industry. We are able to offer our clients – usually exacting supranational companies – with supplies of product sets with necessary complex connection of individual technologies like pressure casting of zinc or aluminium alloys, pressing, surface treatment and assemblage. Our competition advantages include the ability of production of thin-wall casts. Another advantage is the production of complicated tools with strong technological and construction background thanks to which we can also co-operate on development or improvement of demanded products. We have already finished many successful projects, in which our order partners used the whole range of our offer, including product development.
Just since the time of its establishment, TOKOZ a.s. ranks among important companies operating in Žďár nad Sázavou and the whole region. At the present time, the company employs some 620 people, for whom TOKOZ a.s. is and it will always be their family, where they can realize their ambitions.   
Contact address:
TOKOZ a.s.
Santiniho 20/26
591 02 Žďár nad Sázavou
Tel. 566 802 111
Fax. 566 802 102


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