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ROSTEX Vyškov s.r.o.

Origins of ROSTEX, Ltd. reach back to year 1925, when small company Zelezarsky prumysl was found in South-Moravian city Vyskov. In 1948 was the company overtaken by communistic government and incorporated into SANDRIK (Slovakia). Later in seventieth was SANDRIK restructured and renamed as ROSTEX. Another turnover occurred shortly after anti-communistic revolution in 1992 when ROSTEX was sold to private owners.

Production portfolio
Production is specialized into two fields, production of safety, door and furniture fittings and custom manufacturing.
Production of stainless fittings started in 1938 and ROSTEX carry on with this tradition. The firm is still the only manufacturer of constructional fittings made of stainless materials in the Czech Republic. The trademark ROSTEX, which protects this kind of fittings, established a reputation among builders. On account to our improvements and innovation are nowadays our safety fittings the best on the market.
High quality of our basic production is cornerstone for custom manufacturing services (casting, laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding, finishing and assembling). We manage contracts from order till delivery in the highest ISO standards.
Dědická 190/17
682 01 Vyškov
Tel.:   +420 517 316 111
GSM: +420 724 028 365
Fax.: +420 517 348 989


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