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HOBES s.r.o. Horní Benešov

Company HOBES, Ltd is the biggest producer of the mortise locks in the Czech Republic.
Our company continues in the remarkable tradition up the 1950, when there were established the mortise locks production under the trade name Brano in Horní Benešov.
The company new history began in 1992 by a privatization of the state enterpise and establishing HOBES Ltd. with 100% private ownership.
Recently our company employs 200 employers. Total turnover in 2007 achieve the EUR 8 mil., from which more then 28% represent the export ( mainly to the Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Russian, German, Estonia ). The foreign trade stability helps to consolidate subsidiary in Poland. Also we successfully cooperate with the foreign, companies.
Registered capital is CZK 1 000 000,- Kč
Company Production area is apx. 3155 m2, covered storage area is apx. 810 m2, open storage area is 400 m2.
Strategy of orientation our company is satisfied costumer. Our company is holder certificate systems of quality control ČSN EN ISO 9001:2002, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949. We have received variant evaluation for example CZECH MADE.Widening range fo products, preparation new products and active involvement of marketing, we want raise the standart rendition of services.

HOBES, spol. s r.o.
K luhům 151,
793 12 Horní Benešov, ČR
Tel.: 554 748 320
Fax: 554 748 327
IČO: 45195277
DIČ/VAT: CZ45195277

HOBES - POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ksiažeca 18
40 - 725 Katowice
Tel./Fax: +48-32-3502630


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