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TKZ Polná s.r.o.

The limited liability company, TKZ Polná, spol. s r.o., is a prominent Czech manufacturer of metal fixtures and fittings for buildings and furniture. Our broad assortment of products can satisfy the full spectrum of customers from wholesalers to retailers. At present, the company has about 210 employees.

●Production   Program:
Threaded suspension hinges for buildings and furniture, windows, doors, gates; bars, elbow joints; atypical furniture fixtures; decorative sleeves for doors, mechanical stoppers for windows and doors, assorted exclusive door hinges, and 3-axis adjustable TRIO and EXPERT door hinges; assembly jigs, fastening elements, small machined parts; security boots for personal vehicles and trucks and many other items.
● Quality:
In 1999, we successfully implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system.
In 2002, the company obtained certification according to European Standards ISO 9001:2000. Our products are certified as per EN 1935:2002. The company uses the SAP R/3 management and operation system.
● Development Program
Over the recent years, we invested extensively into reconstruction and modernization of our production halls, sales and logistics centers. Our worshops are furnished with,
sofisticated  NC machines including  Wenzel LH 54, Hatebur and Brother centers,
as well as  CITIZEN and TORNOS CNC automats.
TKZ Polná, spol. s r.o., exports its products to many countries worldwide and
is looking forward to any new inquiries, contacts and orders.

TKZ Polná, spol. s r.o.
Zahradní 572
588 13 Polná

GPS: 49°29'25.507"N, 15°43'7.039"E
tel.: +420 567 155 211 ústředna
ax: +420 567 155 220



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