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The objects of ARGE are:
  • To provide an opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss common problems and interests.
  • To represent the interests of its Members on any European or International body.
  • To represent and to take any appropriate action to protect the interests of its members, in particular:
    • in matters of standardisation
    • in matters of regulatory rules
    • in the sphere of International Trade competition
  • To collect and disseminate informations in the interest of ARGE.
  • To support its Members in progressing of passive intrusion prevention and to create special Working Groups.
  • Full membership is open to all appropriate National Industry Associations having voluntary membership and domiciled in Europe.
The officers of ARGE are:
  • The President and 2 - 4 Vice-Presidents
  • The above shall constitute the "Presidential Team"
  • General Secretary

ARGE Topics
1. Main working topics of ARGE in the past and today

a) National and European standardisation

During many decades Manufacturers knew only their National Technical Standards. With an increasing globalisation, international Standards, that means performance standards became necessary and were required. International Standards shall eliminate trade barriers and contribute to easier exchange of products from country to country. But International Standards like CEN shall be harmonised and be tested according common rules and mutual recognition is also required.

b) Development of Security and Safety products

Requirements from the market for high security products were permanently increasing. Not many Manufacturers were spared of this development and they were obliged for their surviving to create and to develop new security products or to co-operate with partners.
Access control became more and more important and has been a part of our hardware business. All these high security products need performance standards and testing requirements in various security classes according to the need of the market.

2. Main working topics of ARGE in the future

• To establish a common view on how a Pan European Trade Association may use its strength to increase the profitable sales of hardware manufacturing companies who are members of their national association.
• To use all reasonable and legal means to protect its members from incorrect policies and practices of governmental organizations or trading companies.
• To respect any minority views expressed by members of ARGE.
• The issues on which a common view is necessary include:
The implementation of European Product Standards
The Regulatory position on matters relating to fire and security.
The awareness of, and publicity of, the existence of unfair trading practices including fraud, passing-off.
The exposure of issues relating to the patent infringement and copyright issues.
• To act by whatever means which are legal, practical and affordable to protect ARGE members from the issues highlighted in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 above.
• To inform members on issues, which are important to them in terms of standards, codes of practice and of legislation.
• To provide a framework for individuals within the industry to exchange views and acquire knowledge.

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