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ENGLISH >> ARGE Conference in Berlin 2007

ARGE Conference in Berlin 2007

Last year – from 20. 9. to 22.9.2007 – there was held the 55th conference of ARGE. This is the annual meeting of members of the European federation of building hardware manufacturers. The conference was hosted by the German organisation Fachverband Schloss- und Beschlagindustrie e.V. and it chose Berlin to be the place of the conference.
114 participants from 15 countries participated in the conference, including representatives of the Czech Association of Locks and Building hardware manufacturers.
Work groups presented at the conference their presentations in the field of marketing, terminology, standardisation and trade marks.
The conference also included variable accompanying program – a lunch in the Marriott Hotel, a supper in the Charlottenburg Palace, presentation of Joachim Franz, a popular German traveller, with the title Change your Life, and finally a cruise by the Berlin ship.
The next – fifty sixth – conference will be held in Vienna from 18.9.2008 to 20.9.2008.

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