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In 2001, there was established the Czech Association of Locks and Building hardware manufacturers, MEZA in short. The association is open to all Czech manufacturers of locks, handles, hinges, window and door fittings and other elements of building hardware.
Main aims of the MEZA association:
To create possibilities for meetings of colleagues in the branch, to discuss interests, problems, possibilities of co-operation in the following fields:
  • Co-operation with insurance companies
  • Establishment of standards in the branch
  • Co-operation with state institutions
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Marketing research
  • Export activities
  • Protection from unfair imports of cribs, from violators of copyrights
  • Co-operation with other groups of interest
To represent interests of members on national and international level – for example through membership in the European Federation of Lock and Building Hardware Manufacturers´ Association ARGE (Building Hardware Manufacturers).
To support improvement of security in the CR with special attention paid to prevention of criminality and standardisation of mechanic security systems.
To collect and assess relevant information on international trade.
For detailed information see the item of history and aims of the association.

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